Sunday, 31 August 2008

Today's Flowers - Perfect Rose Revisited

This is my last week's Perfect Rose.

And this is the same rose one week later.

The sun has deepened her colour!

The rose shows her changing beauty to a fresh bud.

I will return to see if she smells sweet!

Her name:

Saturday, 30 August 2008


Hallo everybody, I just came home from walking my dog on Saturday morning in downtown Vienna.
I decided to call my strolls "Doggywalks", like "catwalk". Nobody ever walks a cat!
When I went out today I noticed that something was different: it was the light.
Temperatures are still pleasant, but there is this unmistakable feeling of autumn. See the shop windows: furry flipflops *LOL*

I always feel sad and lonely when the joyful colours of summer vanish.
A colourful blog could be a good cure for my autumn-winter depression!

This means: posting flowers, flowers, flowers, and some shop windows with fancy clothes...

So please come and join me on my dogwalk!

The light has changed: it is pale, the shadows grey.

Finally, some blue sky over St. Stephen's cathedral.

Summer sale: the summer colours are sold out,

the autumn colours take over!

And the flip-flops are made of fur - brrr!

I walk on. Pale pink of Aida's parasoles,

children playing among long grey shadows at the Graben.

St. Stephen's, more serene as usual.

See, the light IS different!

Finally, I find some green,

And then my rescue: the flower shops!
You could compare them to an oasis in a desert.
Flower shops are the oases of the grey cities.

Doggy likes to sniff the flowers.
Sometimes, she leaves some perfume for her four-legged friends :(

Some early tourists - imagine, it's before 10 am!
Tourists don't fear autumn.

My doggy wants to visit the courtyards of Blutgasse.
It's green there, with some flowers.
I agree.

This is the forbidden garden. It is most attractive for my dog because there is real earth and bushes with live blackbirds, but the place is private and more than once we were banished by a fierce concierge.

But it is so beautiful here!

We find a graffiti on the wall.
It seems to be the best emblem for the Vienna Night Owls, what do you think?

Some more colours, s'il-vous-plait?

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Fog

Last weekend, we ascended a mountain called the RAX,

about 95 km southwest of Vienna and about 2000 meters high.

First it was sunny, but the peak was covered by thick fog.

The wind was icy and sharp and we were glad to reach the refuge.

I am always happy when I am in the mountains,
especially when there are fixed rope routes...

Vienna Night Owls

Three Vienna Night Owls, a wise old aunt owl (left)
and her two sweet little sixteen niece owls,

spent a night in Vienna's most ill famed discotheque,
the "FLEX".

As the atmosphere there was rather stoned and the DJ was still warming up to present his Psycho-WummWumm-OnDrug-Music which was not exactly to our taste,

the cocktail bar was our rescue!

Then we discovered a very cool washroom with changing neon light and sweets in the walls and flyers in the floor and mirrors everywhere :)

which kept us in good humour for some time :)

Oh no! How shocking!

Playing with the digicam became more and more essential...

Finally we decided to go home, only stopping to take some pictures before the wonderful graffitis along the Donaukanal...

Needless to say that we had fits of laughter the whole evening,

that we drank drinks with names like "Orgasm", "Sexmachine", "Swimmingpool" and the like,

and that on our way home we ate some burgers at McDonalds (open until 2 in the morning!) and found another bar, and that the girls immediately put the pictures on the computer and... and... and...

while the old aunt owl was already sleeping in her nest.

And needless to say that we had to go to work next morning... :)

If you are still interested, see how we made ourselves up for the evening: