Saturday, 28 June 2008

VIENNA Stadtpark - Walking my dog on Saturday morning

As usual, I walk my dog on Saturday morning in Stadtpark. The weather is splendid, nobody around,
everybody sleeping long after yesterday's soccer semi finals...

Kursalon Hübner,
with traditional afternoon concerts playing the music of Johann Strauss and Mozart
(what else?)

At this early time of the day,
still without tourists taking pictures:
the monument of Johann Strauss
the King of Waltz

If you have visited Vienna some years ago, you will remember that nobody is allowed to step into the lawn.

After all, times have changed, today everything is allowed -
except playing soccer!

Can you see the sign?

Needless to say, the first garden of the city of Vienna, must have water, a pond.

And the water foul love it...

Not enough water?
A Belgian city has donated this lovely well!

And now the picture for all those who love BIRDS:
You see, birds are welcome in Vienna, too,
although they are not yet watched so excessively,
and are not yet so dangerous...

Look at the perfectly green and cool trees and grass and shadows...

and the perfect curve of the benches swinging through the park



Anonymous said...

You can walk on the grass now? Wonderful!!! Most enjoyable, all the colours are coming back to me. I remember the pigeons in particular because used to feed them apple (which was wrong). I also love your skywatch photographs!

Maria said...

@ anonymous:
Oh yes... apple. Cool!
Ah - I think skywatch is a very inspiring programme. I often think about it. There are so many possibilities: sky, clouds, towers, objects in the sky, heaven above, stars, the moon, looking up, oh -- and so on. Cool! Now I have a secong reason to look forward to Fridays... (TGIF is the first one).