Saturday 26 February 2011

A bundle of tulips

A colourful bundle of tulips cheers me up
when winter is already too long,
when it is still too cold outside,
when temperatures are below the freezing point and winds are chilly!

But it's end of February, and hopefully Spring will come soon!

See more flowers from all over the world here:

Sunday 6 February 2011

A sunny spring day at lake Neusiedl

Today we made a day trip to Lake Neusiedl,
a big lake in the plains only half an hour by train from Vienna ;)

The temperatures were nearly Spring,
and the ice on the lake began to melt.

The day was so bright that you could even see the Schneeberg in the distance, awell-liked 2000 m mountain situated at the eastern edge of the Austrian Alps.

The sky was so soft and blue, and the warm sun made the ice sparkle.

My dear hub enjoyed the warm sun. He seems to be deep in thoughts, maybe he is reflecting on his 65th birthday which he celebrated yesterday?

I felt so good! What could be better than a pleasant day in the sun?

In the evening we took the train back to Vienna.

When we waited for the train to come,
a sundog (???) appeared in the western sky.

It was the first sundog I ever saw (if it was a sundog)!

A glorious sunset made our farewell from Lake Neusiedl even sweeter!

Have a nice week ahead!

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Egypt in November

My husband and I spent a holiday in Egypt last November and we LOVED the people and their country.
Best wishes to Egypt from Vienna!
We keep our fingers crossed for a good future!