Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn is on its way!

On my trip this afternoon I saw

Crystal raindrops on spiderwebs

Delicate butterflies in autumn colours

Bizarre flowers of late summer

In a softly rolling landscape

A roadside shrine unter trees

amidst wineyards full of grapes

in red and blue and gold

and sooo delicious!

What a fabulous season!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A wonderful end of summer and flowers on my window

We had a wonderful second half of August here in Vienna this year,
warm, hot, sunny, temperatures inviting you to swim in the Old and the New Danube.
Today the sky was as blue as the morning glories in the Pawlatsche, the arcade, leading to the doors of our apartments on our floor.

On my window, the flowers celebrate the end of summer.

I spent the whole day at the the New Danube today, swimming, dozing in the sun, walking along the beach, my doggy trying to catch fish in the shallow water. Now she is satisfied and sleepy! So am I!

Have a pleasant week ahead!