Monday, 19 July 2010

My World Tuesday - Evening Hour

We enjoy a little breathing space with pleasant summerly temperatures around75°F.

I walked home from work this evening and took some pictures for you!

At Karlsplatz, the pleasant grey sky reflects in the pool,

and people enjoy the evening with"Kino unter Sternen",
open air cinema,
which has become very popular in Vienna in the last years.

Karlsplatz is also fun to sit in the Schanigardens and
have some refreshments.

There is a creative atmosphere around,
this billboard turns out to be a sort of collage upon a closer view.

I pass by Musikverein and smile at the roof garden nearby because it makes me think of Salvadore Dali's surrealistic paintings :)

After a last look back at Karlskirche I cross Ringstraße

and I take a rest in a lovely Schanigarden at Seilerstätte.
Here I eat the best pizza since ages!

Thank you for joining me on my evening walk!

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Today's flowers - Pink roses on the lakefront

Here are some pictures from my stay in Carinthia,
the southernmost Austrian state,
neighbouring Italy!

These lovely roses grow in Pörtschach am Wörthersee.

The average amount of sunshine hours in Carinthia is the highest in Austria.
Even exotic plants are grown in this region.

And the water quality of Carinthia's lakes is very high.
Some Austrian politicians even drank a glass of lake water for advertising purposes ;)

After all that sun, a cool green place in the shade would be fine!

Or let's take a swim with the ducks?

And afterwards, we join the sun-seekers on the lakefront!

Enjoy flowers from all around the world!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Summer evening sky

A warm summer evening in the outskirts of Vienna:
A summer sunset behind Leopoldsberg.

Watch the sky all around the world HERE:

Yesterday, my friend Brigitte and me ("The Vienna Skywalkers")
made our weekly evening tour in the Western part of Vienna.
We went by bus to Kahlenbergerdorf and followed the steep "Nasenweg"
to the top of Leopoldsberg.

Soon, a beautiful view over Vienna and the Danube opened:

You may enlarge the pictures for a more detailed view!

At the foot of the hill you can see the lovely village Kahlenbergerdorf.
There is the Danube (which is actually blue today!!) with Donauinsel and the New Danube,
and in the background the many bridges connecting the "city" with "Transdanubien",
as the Viennese fondly call the northern part of Vienna.

Here a look over the deep green wineyards on the soft rolling hills.

Soon we came across a small "Heurigen" in the middle of the wineyards with a nice view over the flat countryside northeast of Vienna.

We drank a delicious glass of red wine grown on the neighbouring hills, Zweigelt from Hajszan, and slowly walked back to the city.

The last rays of the setting sun deepened the colours over the city and bathed the meadows in a golden light, the hills behind already dark.