Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Burning sunset

I'm so glad the days are getting longer!

Skywalkers and kitesurfers!

My friend Brigitte and I (the "Vienna Skywalkers" :)
took an evening walk along the Danube some days ago.

The sky was painted orange,

and when we crossed the Danube, it looked unreal as if on fire

as after a giant explosion!

Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Monday, 27 April 2009

My World Tuesday - Too many adventures

Which story should I tell? So hard to decide!
Would you like to walk with me through town,
revisiting Karlskirche,

this time without snow (remember?),
but children playing in the playgrounds,

and walk over to Schwarzenbergplatz
with the giant monument reminding of 17.000 soldiers of the Red Army who lost their lives in the battle for Vienna in 1945.

The giant fountains is
being renovated now,

and some tulips in front to please the eye.

Or would you like to join me on my Sunday walk

through Vienna's Prater,
under thousands of blooming horse chestnut trees
lining the main allee, along Prater Hauptallee.

Let's take a rest in Gasthaus "Bierinsel"!

There is a lovely Gastgarten with shady chestnut trees
and Fiaker coaches waiting to take you back to town.

No, let's enjoy the sunny Sunday afternoon
and follow an old arm of the Danube, the Heustadelwasser

and enjoy the Praterauen!

The doggy is happy too :)

The seeds of the cottonwood trees cover the ground like snow.

Or would you like to hike with us in the Pre-Alps
at an altitude of about 1.100 m,
with a great view of the Rax mountain in the distance?

After recreation,
let's walk down to the lovely mountain pastures and flowering apple trees again.

No! I see you'd rather want to see the adventures my husband and the young "Wanderknochen" had when hiking in the flooded woodlands along the river March two weeks ago? Well, then klick at the picture below :))

So you are not tired yet?

Then visit MY WORLD TUESDAY :)
for more adventures!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

April flowers

White tulips and blue pansies.
Pictures taken in Vienna's Botanical Garden on Friday, 24 April 2009.

Today's flowers

Flower beds in front of Vienna's Upper Belvedere.
I love the fuzzy yellow tulips so very much!

Enjoy the most beautiful flowers from around the globe here!

Friday, 24 April 2009

SWF - Blue sky with ornaments

Vienna's sky is blue today, and gracefully adorned!

Behind St. Stephen's Cathedral,
Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg are hardly visible against the hazy sky.


Watch the Sky on Sky Watch Friday!