Monday, 13 April 2009

My World Tuesday - Easter trip near Vienna

A sunny day like today

calles for a trip through the Vienna Woods.

The Vienna Woods mainly consist of beeches and oaks

but there are also large areas with pine trees.

The smell of the dry warm earth and the pines was so delightful!

Yellow spots on a small clearing attracted my attention.

These yellow flowers and wild iris were growing in the meadow.

Even the grass was blooming.

As we walked on, we found lilies of the valley (Maiglöckchen)

and wild garlic (Bärlauch) blooming side by side!

I add the blooming peach trees

and the cherry trees only for the sake of completeness :)

Its unusual that all these flowers and trees bloom at the same time.
The summerly temperatures of the last ten days are to blame!

Today we walked from Baden, which is about 30 miles South of Vienna,
to the neighboring town of Gumpoldskirchen.

Due to the warm climate, even the red wine is delicious here,
and vintners offer their wines in their own taverns, the "Heurigen".

Vienna's inhabitants come
to sit here in the open under the trees and enjoy the long warm summer nights.

After a four hours' walk we descend from the hills of the Vienna Woods
and have a last look over the wineyards towards the plains of the Vienna Basin.

Thank you for joining us on our trip! I hope you did not get sunburned :)
We almost did!

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antigoni said...

Amazing photos of the flowers and the mother nature. I'm sure you had great time in spite of the sun burn.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, Maria, you always take us on such delightful trips! And this one was wonderful with sunlight and blooming flowers and trees! What a great day! Made me wish I was there for real, but this was the next best thing!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fine day for exploring the "woods" Maria. Thanks for taking us with you.

Donna said...

That was a delightful jaunt through the countryside!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

beautiful country side, the flowers are a nice find. Hope your pup enjoyed the walk as much as my guys do.

Erin said...

i liked your easter trip to the hills. i so liked all of your photos ...beautiful day.

Barbara said...

What a great exploration walk. You captured some beautiful shots along your way.
Always enjoy visiting your site
Smiles B

Kessi said...

Foto Nummer 3 und natürlich!!! das letzte mit d'Ora und den Schatten - wundervoll!!!! :-) Ich glaube ich hab mich verliebt.... in und um Wien..... :) Eine schöne Woche, liebe Grüße - Kessi

Martha Z said...

I wish I could join you for a walk in those woods.

chrome3d said...

The pine across the path was familiar and nice slice of trekking to me.

Arija said...

What wonders of spring you encountered in the woods. The trees bursting into leaf and the wildflowers, evem Lily of the Valley which normally blooms in may. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your Spring with the rest of us.

Brenda said...

I love your tours! It's so beautiful where you live!

Jenn said...

That's a nice trail and some very pretty flowers you found along the way. Thanks for trip.

Wienermädel + Co said...

Schöne Bilder von einer sympatischen Gegend - und hinterher ein Heurigenbesuch, so läßt es sich leben.

Linda said...

Gorgeous spring flowers. Are they all really wild in the woods? That seems a tremendous variety. What a lovely walk you must have had.

DeniseinVA said...

A delightful walk Maria, thank you for taking us with you. Your photos were great and I hope by now your sunburn has healed.

Catherine said...

Bonsoir Maria;
Wonderful pictures of Nature.
I like particularly this curved pine tree.
I well-understand how Vienna's inhabitants come to find a peaceful place to breathe. We do the same. It's a need sometime.
Thanks for the tour.

Barbara Martin said...

Wonderful photos of the woods and your hike. I never tire of visting here with your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.