Saturday 27 February 2010

Today's flowers

Today I had a wonderful walk in the floodlands of the river Danube,
with bright blue skies and big yellow viscum, mistletoes, in the trees.

It's not so easy to distinguish between the leaves and the flowerss ;)

Here some impressions from the floodlands!

Thank you, Today's Flowers Team!

Thursday 25 February 2010

The ice is melting!

These pictures were taken at last Sunday's trip to Lake Neusiedl by my hubby's daughter Sonja.
After more than a month with temperatures below the freezing point,
the ice is melting!
Spring is in sight!
It's definitely a spring sky ;)

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Vienna atmosphere and some snowfall

Familiar pictures from wintry Vienna:
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Fiaka horses at the Graben, St. Peter's Cathedral, Julius Meinl's gourmet temple, Hofkonditorei Demel's sweet shop windows with a 7 storeyed cake, Michaelertor and Hofburg, Heldenplatz and a view toward the City Hall, Volksgarden with its famous rosebushes, now protected against the cold by jute sacks and a big old plane-tree, the Meierei with closed doors, waiting for the warmer season to welcome coffee lovers, Empress Sisi's memorial, visited by her loyal fans from Japan (with umbrellas), and a Maroniverkäufer, selling hot sweet chestnuts - the best snack on cold, snowy days!

Sunday 7 February 2010

Today's flowers - Winter Cactus

In a snowy winter like that it's good to have some winter flowers inside,
and some sunrays outside, from time to time.
I took this picture in my mother's house with its windows having sun all afternoon long.

Schlumbergera is a genus of tree-dwelling cactus from Brazil introduced to Europe by the Kew collector, Allan Cunningham (1791-1839), in about 1816 (Wikipedia).
Thank you, Allan!