Friday, 8 August 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Vienna evenings

This happens when two Vienna skywalkers walk along Alte Donau in Vienna on Thursday evening as usual!

The sun sets over Alte Donau in Vienna.

You want to know where the sky is?


Take a rest!

Oh yes, up up up up!

And the little moon?
(The two friends are Brigitte and me and we walk
nearly every Thursday evening esomewhere in Vienna!)

For more SkyWatch Friday beautiful pictures please visit this (DRAMATIC) link!


Kim said...

nice photos, that's one awesome view from up there!! Happy SWF!

Michele said...

What a wonderful set of photos! I loved them all! I like the last one with the moon in the blue sky... that worked out really well! Good job!
Mountain Retreat

Jeanette said...

GdaY Maria. Beautiful photos of the Sunset

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Maria, a lovely evening walk. (Could it be different in Vienna?)
Great SWF photos, so much to admire.

Marie Reed said...

Ohhh! It's magical:) Zauberhaft!

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful pics and happy walking. I see the moon, too. MB

Katarina said...

You must have some lovely walks! Great shots!

ayamlin said...

Hi! maria!!
What a fantastic picutre these are!
I've been to Vienna in Italy once.
this Vienna is in Italy??
Oh! I wish I were there!
I like scenery in Europe.
there are many old buildings and cute signs like your pictures and beautiful colorful buildings!
I wanna go to Europe again.
but now oil charge is way too expensive also Euro is very expensive.
but I wanna go there in few years!!

ayamlin said...

Hi maria!
I'm sorry Vienna is your town!!
it's in Austria!
I found " Vienna " in your profile!
How beautiful your town is!

Dewdrop said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening, so beautiful to experience new places.

ayamlin said...

Hi! maria!
Can I ask you something?
Does YIPPEE mean " Yeah!!"?

by the way I like your picture of a little moon, too:)

Maria said...

Hi ayamlin,
yippee is like hurray, cheers, if you are happy aboutt something. Year is OK, sure.
Says at least the online dictionary LEO (
According to the English to Japanese online Dictionary ( it is fure- :)

Torsdag 1952 said...

Hallo Maria,
endlich auf "deutsch", dies ist mein letzter kommentar für heute, und ich will dich nicht vergessen.
Nur wenn ,an die Stadt mag, kann man solche Photo schiessen. Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende und eine nette Idee für die nächste Woche, ich bin zum Segeln.

Hallo von Hartmut

Elizabeth said...

Cool sunsets but the best was D'ORO eating blueberries.
My husband loved it too!
Greetings from New York.

Jules said...

You live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world - I would walk everywhere too!!!!

Louise said...

Nice series. I especially like the 1st three photos.

laughingwolf said...

lovely, all! :)

Ces Adorio said...

Beautiful as ever. I always enjoy the interpretations of cities by citizens over interpretations of the travel magazines.