Thursday, 28 August 2008

Vienna Night Owls

Three Vienna Night Owls, a wise old aunt owl (left)
and her two sweet little sixteen niece owls,

spent a night in Vienna's most ill famed discotheque,
the "FLEX".

As the atmosphere there was rather stoned and the DJ was still warming up to present his Psycho-WummWumm-OnDrug-Music which was not exactly to our taste,

the cocktail bar was our rescue!

Then we discovered a very cool washroom with changing neon light and sweets in the walls and flyers in the floor and mirrors everywhere :)

which kept us in good humour for some time :)

Oh no! How shocking!

Playing with the digicam became more and more essential...

Finally we decided to go home, only stopping to take some pictures before the wonderful graffitis along the Donaukanal...

Needless to say that we had fits of laughter the whole evening,

that we drank drinks with names like "Orgasm", "Sexmachine", "Swimmingpool" and the like,

and that on our way home we ate some burgers at McDonalds (open until 2 in the morning!) and found another bar, and that the girls immediately put the pictures on the computer and... and... and...

while the old aunt owl was already sleeping in her nest.

And needless to say that we had to go to work next morning... :)

If you are still interested, see how we made ourselves up for the evening:


ayamlin said...

Hi! maria! I wish I were there!
I wanna join you guys:)
You get along with them very much, don't you?
just reading your post, I'm happy:)

ayamlin said...

Hi again!
Do you know this site?
you would be interested in it?

I'll update something on Today's flower next time:)

laughingwolf said...

looks like so much fun! :)

Unknown said...

What great memories you made looks as if you had a wonderful time.

soulbrush said...

what a lotta fun you all had, terrific pictures.