Wednesday, 6 August 2008

On my way home from work

On my way home after work I often leave
underground U1
in the middle of the city

to see the old dome of St. Stephen's,

and also the tourists admiring what they see

Behind them are the horses
with their carriages

waiting all day long for a ride.

Patiently they stand in a long row.

Some horses look already familiar to me

with their red and white earlaps.

They get their meals now, in blue bags

from their cute young coachman.


The other coachman talks on his mobile phone
in his elegant carriage and bowler hat
- what a nice contrast!

The little boy loves the big horses, too.

Sure, they look so patient and so gentle!

Behind, the city's binmen are already
waiting to clean up afterwards.

I walk on and enter Domgasse

where a group of tourists
in front of Mozarthaus.

On the right side is my favourite shop

where you get souvenirs
and all kind of things
for halloween
and carnival and crazy parties.

Even tax free!

The tourists are still there, listening

to the story of the medieval "Blutgasse".

I walk around the corner, and I am home.

Grünangergasse, with its single tree

and a PACE flag under our window

and the old cobbled street.

Love it!


Marie Reed said...

I ove those colorful horse earflaps. Is there are reason for those specific colors?

Maria said...

I think it must match the carriage. But I'm not quite sure.
I'll try to find out! :)

Jeanette said...

Beautifull Photo's On your walk home love the horses waiting for there next tourist customer..

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Maria, you live in a wonderful city, so much culture. You have a great walk home. I loved Vienna, I thought it was not as hectic as other cities and the underground was easy to manage.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures - and you live in a very beautiful country - I know because I have been there:) I have something for you in my blog! Nice day! Hugs from Norway**

Stanley said...

Nice shots. THe horses are just adorable! I've never been on a carriage ride before, perhaps one day....

ayamlin said...

How happy you are!
Because you can see such a beautiful church and beautiful town on your way home!
I'm jealous of you :)
In my case, I live in Tokyo.
there are a lot of building.
actually it's too much!
So the sky that I can see is small also the scenery is not good like your pictures!!
That's too baaaad!

Small City Scenes said...

A beautiful city you live in. St. Stephens ---wonderful! All those horses lined up, waiting for the tourists to hop into a carriage to tour the city--love it. I hope the horses are happy. Thank you for a visit to your home. MB

laughingwolf said...

excellent tour, maria, thank you :)