Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Vienna Sky Walkers

The Vienna Sky Walkers (my friend Brigitte and me) take their usual weekly walk along the river Danube and deliver their report on the Vienna Sky:
Tuesday, 26 August 2008, 19:00
We start at Korneuburg, about 10 km northwest of Vienna.
Look eastward,
and try to see Vienna in the distance.

Looking westward, the sun sets and shows all her beauty in a summer landscape with the smell of autumn.

Half time.
Here begins the "Donauinsel", the artificial island about 20 km long.
See the watergate separating the island from the river.

We cross the watergate and enjoy walking into the darkness of the island.

Sometimes we see the city lights of Vienna through the dark trees.
They remind me of sparkling diamonds.
Sorry, the eye is so much better than my mobile phone camera...

Finally we reachVienna's first western bridge.
Of course, there are graffitis en masse...

After a two and a half hours' brisk walk,
we get our reward!

And: we feel extremely refreshed and relaxed!


Lara said...

a wonderful walk, and for sure, the Danube is magnificent as always!

Maria said...

Thank you lara! Do you also live near the Danube? :)

Small City Scenes said...

What a delightful tour along the river. Thank you. MB

ayamlin said...

Vienna is a really city.
There isn't beach near my house.
I wish I lived in Vienna!
Do you go to see the sunset in the beach when you feel happy also down?

Maria said...

I dont see the sunset so often because I live in the middle of the city. But I try to go to places where you can see a sunset as often as possible!
Thank you, Ayamlin for stopping by! ;)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed taking the walk with you.

Jan said...

Wonderful post. I feel as if I've walked with you.

Yoli said...

I am in love. Just stunning!

laughingwolf said...

time for a long snooze, i'm tired just from looking! ;)

Annie said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments Maria..on my abc wednesday post. It is um, different to be back in Australia, so Quiet...after stepping off the plane yesterday. I would have loved to stay in New York (I love it there), but there are also family, and of course Abbey the labby who are here as well. I just love visiting the grandchildren, and will be seeing the Australian ones soon too..Annie

Unknown said...

That was a wonderful tour along the river.
The last photo is captured from a small mountain called the city mountain.

Louis la Vache said...

Thank you for inviting us along for your walk! We enjoyed our walk, too!

Marie Reed said...

mmmmm..... Prost! I am on vacation in Germany and am loving the beer! I've missed it!

Maria said...

Oh marie reed, nice to hear that you also love beer! I am a fanatic beer drinker :)! After a strenuous tour with sweating and wheezing, the first long sip of beer is something I would die for :)