Saturday, 2 August 2008

Cool colours for a change!

took this photo at the Vienna Zoo.
I photographed through the glass of an aquarium.
When it is hot, look at the picture and cool down.

Here is more from the Vienna Zoo!

And here you can drink some coffe in the Kaiserpavillion
if you are tired of walking around!

And visit the Imperial Palace, it's just over there!


soulbrush said...

i am so glad you visited my new blog. yes i am a teacher and the system adds to the problem.thanks so much for your good advice. i see you are a fellow aquarian, like i am, and i feel we are going to be new blogging friends!

Maria said...

Thank you soulbrush, I'm glad you say this!

Marcos Santos said...

Hallo Maria

Ich mochte Ihr Blog
Sie fotografieren. Ich werde öfter.

Maria said...

Nice to meet you marcos santos!

Marie Reed said...

The color is so vibrant! It's very unexpected!

Maria said...

Its only the original snapshot colours, the whole room was dark only the aquarium were lit.
I use the picture on my desktop!

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful pic. Such a really green green. MB

Whitney said...

What a great picture! The green is so vivid and the water does look cooling!

Anonymous said...

Maria is an excellent post. I will read you in the future, I want you all the best! steven