Sunday, 3 August 2008

Zum Kuckuck!

I took this picture with my mobile phone near my home in Vienna.
It shows one of the many old wrought iron signs you can find in old cities.
This one indicates a restaurant
named "Zum Kuckuck" and shows a cockoo.
"Zum Kuckuck" means something like "What the heck"
What the cockoo...


Mary said...

oh what glorious architecture! it must be food for the soul to see such beauty everyday. :)

Whitney said...

cool pics! And thanks for the good luck for my driving! I hate roads with construction! Most of my ride will be on a 4 lane highway...hopefully no narrow roads because that would scare me too!

Small City Scenes said...

Now that is very neat. but all I can say i 'Zum Kuckuck' LOL
sure come on and we will go hiking together, we could have fun. MB

Maria said...

Yes that would be nice, MB! One day!

Stanley said...

Cool! I didn't know mobile phones could take shots that clear. Mine normally turns out very distorted.

Marie Reed said...

Ohh ! I'll have to start using that German expression!Zum Kuckkuck! Du hast ja ein Vogel Maria!

Maria said...

stanley, I was also surprised about the new mobile phone! The camera has 2.0 mega pixels. I got it for 10€ when I renewed my contract with the mobile phone provider for another one and a half years. Besides, the mobile phone is the perfect radio and I could also use it as mp3 player.
I was really surprised!
The shots are quite good when the light is good.

Maria said...

marie reed, it's ok when you say "Zum Kuckuck" if something goes wrong and you are annoyed.
But if you tell me that I have a bird, you say that I have bats in the belfry! :)