Saturday, 26 April 2008

Walking my dog on Saturday morning

26 April 2008, Vienna, Austria

This is our dog D'ora. We found her in Italy in summer 2004.

We live in the first district of Vienna. As I work during the week, my husband (he is retired) usually walks the dog.

But on weekends, I love to walk the dog myself! This is our favourite trip through our neighbourhood:

For a larger view, please click at the pictures!

First district of Vienna, pedestrian zone
(here the dog can run without a leach!!!)


First district of Vienna, pedestrian zone

If you miss the dog, well, she is always checking,
but you can find her on the picture above!

A glimpse at St. Stephen's Cathedral

First District of Vienna

with a glimps at Mozarthaus, Domgasse


(D'ora's favourite place, she is in the left corner!)

Again a glimpse at St. Stephen's ...


Back at home,
D'ora rests on a sunny spot
and watches "Mouse-TV"
( her favourite programme :>
i.e. our terrarium with 10 little desert mice... )

Cute little thing, our Italian principessa...

Tomorrow we will hike in the Vienna woods!


Sara said...

Greetings Maria! What beautiful photos you have taken of your neighborhood walk with D'Oro. She has a very sweet face!

I enjoyed the little tour; I do so love to visit other countries through the eyes of my fellow bloggers!


willow said...

Your photos of Vienna are breathtaking. I see that you also have a blog in English. Great! I'll have to check both when I come back to visit your blog.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely little dog.
I bet she enjoys all her walks.
Lovely to walk round Vienna with you.
Have you been to Merisi's blog?
on my side bar.
She takes super Vienna pictures too.
All best wishes

Barbara said...

Vienna always looks so beautiful and clean. Thanks for the tour.

I was going to suggest Merisis blog but I see that Elizabeth has already done it.

willow said...

Hi Maria...just stopping in again today to say hello. Enjoyed looking through your photos again. :)