Monday, 23 June 2008

Summer in the City

All I want to say is:
Here are some pictures of Vienna, Austria, my home town, taken last Sunday:

Having a meal in Stadtpark ("Biergartl") under the trees,
walking to the very centre of the city, Stephansplatz,

taking U1 to the "Donauinsel", where you have a beach of almost 20 km, 16 miles,
swimming there,
and then taking some pics of "Alte Donau" with Vienna's very impressive skyline,
returning home - that's it!

Vienna's "beach"

Doggy does not want to go home yet...


Small City Scenes said...

And what a beautiful city it is. Summertime is pretty nice just about anywhere I think.
Thanks for visiting again. I think blogging is like a huge geography lesson. I only wish it had been this much fun back in school. I have learned so much about our old world. MB

Tess Kincaid said...

Hi Maria, I enjoyed your pictures of Vienna! Thanks for stopping by my place today. :)

Anonymous said...

And what a fantastic city Vienna seems to be ... classical architecture, great facades, bright sky, enjoyable pastry and always, but always, a fantastic New Years Cncert that I only see each year on television.

Saw you have "Road to Escondido" as one of your favourites. Great choice indeed.

simon said...

for me its clean and beautiful- Mozart etc.... as an australian to see these colors- its fantastic!!!

Max-e said...

Hi Maria, this is such a nice series on Vienna. I have been enjoying your other posts as well.
Thanks for the remarks you left at my site and I am glad if my experience has helped you to start a healthier lifestyle. I did a 50 minute stint in my exercise bike this morning and felt good all day - don't know how it works, but it does.

Anonymous said...

I remember all those places! My Opa used to buy me a chocolate with cream on top at what looks like the beer garden at Stadtpark - but I don't remember beer being there! I accidentley ran on the grass not knowing it wasn't allowed in Vienna! Fun walk - and colourful :)

Unknown said...

Where is Skywatch? I couldn't get it to come up. :(