Thursday, 12 June 2008

A stroll through the small town of Weyer

The small community of Weyer was founded in the 12th century. According to a legend,
the name "Weyer" comes from a diligent beaver who drained the swamps of the river Enns and thus prepared the ground for the first buildings of the village.

The baroque centre of the city gives you an idea of the wealth it had gained from wood and iron industry.

This is the statute reminding of the legendary beaver.

No stroll through a town without some coffee and something sweet...

(husband and dog are satisfied)

We walk up the hill to the upper part of Weyer.

Here we enjoy a beautiful view over the little town.

We come to Weyer's remarkable church.

We stroll down again,

and, of course, we find some houses where we could imagine to live in, as usual...

and with a last glance over Weyer, we finish our little tour.

For more information on hiking and biking around Weyer please see:österreich/Steyr-Land/Weyer.html


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Maria, thank you for taking us on this lovely walk...everything there is so green and clean looking. And pretty.

Oh, and I want to taste those desserts you are having with your coffee!

Elizabeth said...

So beautiful.
What a beautiful walk.

Maria said...

@Sara and Elizabeth:
Thanks for joining me!
I often come to your blogs and see what you are doing...
Love to see the world through your eyes!