Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ah, what a lazy Saturday...

What a lazy lazy Saturday...

Today it is comfortably hot in the city of Vienna,
the sun is shining, the sky is blue with some huge white cosy clouds,
the city is perfectly quiet
after yesterday's rush of thousands of soccer fans.

I am sitting on my desk, looking out of my window...
I have already visited some favourite blogs,
I saw Sara's uncomparable yacaranda trees,
I walked with Elizabeth through Marakech and through New York,
I tried to get some new impressions from my home town Vienna on Merisi's blog.

What should I do now?
Go out and enjoy the sunshine?
Walk through the city, sneek around coffee houses looking for a lady taking pictures?
Make a new blog?

I sigh ...
and smell the food my husband is preparing in the kitchen
I hear our 16 year old watching TV in the living room
I see my
doggy D'ora relaxing in her basket beneath my desk.

So what do you think I did for the rest of the day?

Stay at home and enjoy the leisure of the afternoon! ;D


Barbara said...

What a lovely Saturday. Looks like the weather in Vienna is much better than in London.
The tour of Weyer was stunning, thanks for taking me along.
You are coming on well with your postings.

Small City Scenes said...

Sometimes a lazy Saturday is a very good thing. Dinner looks wonderful
You asked where I was from. Town od Stanwood in the state of Washington in the US. Stanwood is a small (population 3500) in western Washington, on Puget sound area, sided by Skagit Bay and the Stilliguamish River. A farming town. Original logging, fishing and farming.
Thanks for visiting my blog. MaryBeth

Small City Scenes said...

Maria, your Monday post has disappeared for me. When I wrote a comment blogger wouldn't let me post it and when I went back to try again--it was gone.
I wanted to thank you for visiting again and to say i think this blogging is like a huge geography lesson and it is too bad it wasn't this much fun in school. I have learned so much about our old big world. MB