Sunday, 13 July 2008

Looking for a golden dome

Like a tourist, I walk through the city I live in.

I search for a castle with a golden dome.

As usual, I start my tour at St. Stephen's.

No dome on top of St. Stephen's.

Fin de siècle - no domes.

The fin de siècle-girl is most beautiful.
But no dome!

A golden dome!
It's Prague, not Vienna.

I see a reflection of a dome in a glass facade!

I walk along Graben - only copper!

I don't forget about the birds.
The doves in Vienna are no less impertinent than anywhere else around the globe!

Next dome - copper.
St. Peter's.

Ah, St. Stephen's again.

If I were on top of the tower like these visitors,
I'd have a better overview to find my golden dome...

I walk down Rotenturmstraße to Donaukanal.

Of course, it's copper again,
but this time with a nice guy on top!

This is the Greek church in Vienna, reminding me of a golden castle.

I cross the Donaukanal and look back to the heart of the city.

The Donaukanal was rediscovered shortly
and so we have sand there - Adria style - and all kinds of ships with restaurants and beach pubs, you see?

But very nice! And lots of graffiti! Mega cool!

Could not find the golden dome this time,
but I keep searching! ;-)


For The People said...

Great post! Lots to see!

Ces said...

Aah, I was so anxious to find the golden dome. What a grand tour Maria, most impressive city. So classic. Thanks for the thrill.

Anonymous said...


I have fond memories of Kohlmarkt :) The Golden Dome was on the opposite side of the water from Vienna City. You had to climb through a bit of forest to get there ;) I'll be back to look more at your photographs later! Hhehhee :)

Anonymous said...

Could it be the hillside at Steinhof hospital area in the 14th district of Vienna? Is that near the Donaukanal? Hhehe!!

laughingwolf said...

oh man, i got tired from just looking, were you not exhausted from all that walking?

Suzi-k said...

what a delightful post, thanks for the tour of your wonderful city! I love how being a city daily blogger makes you look at your own city through the eyes of a tourist, it all seems fresh and exciting!