Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Afraid of cows ;-)

On our hiking trip to the "Kräuterin", mountains about 1900 m high,
we had to cross large meadows with (c)grazing cows.
The first encounter:
a cow welcomed us at the entrance to the realm of mountain pastures.

(click to enlarge)

The cow looked suspiciously at our dog, called her herd together and began to follow us.

The picture is blurred because I began to tremble immediately.

More cows were waiting, looking still innocent.

The following scenes are not photographed
because the cows began to chase the dog
and the dog tried to hide behind me.

Of course,
some of our group (the males) successfully distracted the cows from the dog.
I was so afraid, I tried to hide in the bushes to get out of sight and could not take a photo :(

The cows still followed us towards the peak of the mountain.

Even here they followed us.

Only when the meadows turned rocky, the cows gave up.

Finally we reached the peak safely!

Persons living in cowboy areas must laugh at me, I'm sure!
But I was happy that I stayed alive!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

what an interesting story and such lovely scenery! :-D

I am not afraid of cows but bulls on the other hand . . .

Maria said...

Yes, the younger cows were nice and they ran away when you made "BAH" at them. But I was really afraid of the older ones. Although they were only milk cows...
BULLS - OH NO!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA!!!! I'm not a cowgirl but that's a funny story. Glad you survived the crazed cows which should have just grazed ;) Love the photographs!

Maria said...

Crazed cows...
Originally it was a spelling mistake, but subconsciously I decided not to change it... ;)

Small City Scenes said...

I don't really like cows either. they have those big heads and they lower them and just stare like they are going to do something. When I was little I had to walk through a pasture every morning with my older brother and sister and i didn't like it. MB