Wednesday, 23 July 2008

At the Vienna Zoo - A Special Bird

Have you seen the new birds?

Where are they?

Why is everybody staring at us?

Don't know.
Let's swim synchronously!

Oh, this one
seems to be their leader!

Geronticus eremita
Northern Bald Ibis

(here is more information about this archaic feathered friend)


Small City Scenes said...

Are the long necked birds playing follow the leader swans? Pretty. The Bald Ibis is very interesting. MB

Maria said...

Strange plays are going on in the Vienna Zoo, MB!
Recently they have 2 Tiger babies, 2 Ice bear babies and 1 Panda baby (Fu Long - the Lucky Dragon), all of them born in Vienna!
They are very proud about that. I love the zoo!

kj said...

these animals are precious and your photos are terrific!

thanks for visiting my blog. i've been to vienna long ago when i lived in germany--very beautiful. i remember i saw a concerto at a candlelit castle while there.

Anonymous said...

You're a full blown bird watcher now Maria! The Northern Bald Ibis is a curious fellow and very archaic! I hope their numbers increase in the Vienna Zoo. Excellent photographs :)

Maria said...

anonymous, thank you for accepting me as a member to your twittering club!
I'm trying very hard to do my best...! I think my speciality could be odd ducks ;) Hahahahah!

kj, thank you for the compliment!
I'm trying to figure out where you might have seen this concerto - maybe at the Vienna Rathaus or in Schönbrunn or somewhere in the country (Schloss Esterházy - Haydn concerts?) but I am not sure about the candlelight...

Anonymous said...

Hhheee, I don't really have a 'club' even for odd ducks! However King Jack the Red Collared Lorikeet does and if you put one of his badges in your sidebar with link, he'll pay Royal visits ;)

Anonymous said...

BWARK! Welcome to the King Jack Appreciation Society Maria! BWARK!!! You are my loyal subject found in the sidebar. I like fruit!

King Jack

Maria said...

Oh my God, I am sheding tears: King Jack on the Christmas Tree! ;)
It's too funny!

Anonymous said...

Being a King is a VERY serious vocation Maria! I'm glad you appreciate how funny Christmas Trees really look. I was trying to block out their 'funniness' BWARK!

King Jack