Monday, 28 July 2008


I want to thank Elizabeth for giving me this award! As it is my first award, I am really excited about it! Thank you very much, Elizabeth!

I love Elizabeth's calm artistic photos from Marakech and also from New York very much. I am blogging for a few months now and have visited blogs all around the world. Some of them became real friends, and "Skywatch Friday" also offers a good opportunity to establish contacts.
So I'm handing this award on to:

Mary Beth
with Small City Scenes of Stanwood showing life in the northwest of the USA in a most comforting way;

Anonymous of Sydney and King Jack who make my mornings bright with their unique blogs Birds Anonymous and Photography Anonymous;

CES and her Dishes for her witty and humorous blog conversation with Anonymous of Sydney (my belly muscles have doubled within only two months because of reading their twitter);

Laughingwolf for his blog paws and reflect... who sneaks about the world wide web on gentle paws with a subtle nose compiling interesting and humorous things from anywhere;

Barbara with her beautiful blog "Ramblings from an English Garden" who welcomed me warmheartedly with the words "Just post what interests you and you will find that it is of interest to others too";

14 years old Rachel from South Florida for her stunning blog "Picture perfect - A new picture each day (: " who says that photography is her passion;

and 18 years old Whitney from Florida with her beautiful blog Live Love Laugh who allows us to share her world.

Now you have to chose 7 of your blogging chums to hand it on to and tell them.


Whitney said...

Thanks for the award! That is so cool!! I really appreciate it !

Ces said...

Maria, thank you so much! You are so good to me. As for wit, you should not exclude yourself. Wherever I see your avatr, I always read your comments. Austria's No. 1 Dog Model Rocks!

Anonymous said...

THANKYOU MARIA! Tsup*!* Tsup*!* I will place the bling onto my blogs with pride. That makes another 14 people to give Brillant Blings to now HAHA :) I've been very much enjoying visiting your blog and King Jack will recover fromthe apparent beauty of D'Ora eventually ;) AGAIN THANKYOU *curtsey*

Anonymous said...

BWAAAAARK! You really love me THE MOST! Shhhhh I won't tell anyone. I don't balme you. BWARK!

King Jack

Rachel* said...

OMG! I cannot thank you enough!! this is such an honor! it really just made my day!!!!!! (:

Small City Scenes said...

Oh Maria--Thank you so much. It is like an honor to win an award. Now I will have to figure out how to move it along. I see how you did but that doesn't mean I can. thanks again. MaryBeth

Barbara said...

Thank you Maria I am honoured and congrats. to you on receiving it.
You have come a long way in your blogging skills in such a short time.

laughingwolf said...

maria, i am pleased and honored you included me... thank you so much!

...sorry for the delay coming here, i'm still in a lot of pain from my fall :(

Anonymous said...


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