Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Garden Gnome To Be Missed?

Rambling through the country (Austria, in the heart of Europe),
you come across things you would not have expected.
We found these cute gardens when we followed our long distance hiking trail no. 04 through the Vienna Woods last Spring.

This style is not to everyone's taste, but it is remarkable.
Please enlarge - it's pure fun!

Better not try to eat these lambs, whoever...

This is us, me in the middle, no gnomes, for sure,
in the public mirror (?)

Two months later, another encounter with gnomes.

Innocently, we are on section no. 6 of our long distance hiking trail, this time already in the northern Alps.
The weather is bad, we are wet to the bones.
Suddenly a thrill:
Garden gnomes' environment, still more refined:

Our dog is well trained:
D'Ora checks out the situation immediately.

Ah! Rubber ducks and gnomes!

Yes, no doubt!

Even a frog !

Hm, I fell in love
with the little garden
with its gnomes and frogs and flowers and ...

Sigh: wish I had a garden of my own...


Anonymous said...

HAHAAA, not a cranny without a concrete surprise! I was checking the ducks very carefully before reading they were Rubber Ducks! Someone loves their garden even if they have bad taste ;)

Anonymous said...

PS: I like the cracked mirror photo!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Some great photos here. I especially love the landscape and the colours in the last one.

Maria said...

Sure, britt-arnhild, because there are no frightening gnomes in the last pic ;)

anonymous, I fully agree, gardens are a matter of the heart, not of taste!
The ducks look alive, don't they. I forgot to kiss the frog!

Small City Scenes said...

Does anyone get a prize for finding ALL the gnomes? Gardens sure are to the individuals taste. MB

Lara said...

haha, so cute! and funny!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

what a wonderful place to see and be in.. i see you had so much fun hiking there..