Sunday, 4 May 2008

Walking my dog on Sunday morning

.Sunday, 4 May 2008

On Sundays, I take a walk with my dog in the Stadtpark nearby.

We start our tour as usual in Grünangergasse,

(with its famous one and only tree)

walk over to Kumpfgasse

walk across Ringstraße
(with almost no traffic - very unusual!)

and enter the green oasis of Stadtpark.

Here, park benches invite us to relax...

in the shade of blooming chestnut trees.

But we stroll along the pond

and arrive at "Kleine Ungarbrücke"

which leads across Wienfluss.

In this part of the Stadtpark the dogs runs freely.

We pass a well spending water , "Labetrunkbrunnen"

and walk in the shade of giant ginkgo trees.

Here is U4 underground station "Stadtpark",
originally designed by Otto Wagner around 1900

as a station for Vienna's urban railway system, the "Stadtbahn".

There are two pavillons, one on each side of Wienfluss.

We pass by my favourite place, "s'Biergart'l im Stadtpark"
where I love to drink Budweiser beer in summer, under old sycamore trees...

We walk along the river promenade

with its giant blue sculptures

and the statue representing Spring

The crow in the river enjoys the morning sun.

Across the river, a shady terrace invites for breakfast...

but we go home now,

say good bye to the monuments

and the lawns and the trees,

and head for St. Stephens...

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