Friday, 2 May 2008

Austria's long distance hiking trail "Weitwanderweg 04"


The red line running from right to left is a long distance hiking trail, "Weitwanderweg 04", starting in Vienna, the capital of Austria, in the East and ending in Bregenz in the West. It covers a distance of 1,000 km - about 625 miles.

The first section of the trail between Vienna and St. Pölten leads us through the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald), an area of low wooded hills between 200 and 893 m above sea level, the northern part of the Alps.

Come and see our first day trip:

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Elizabeth said...

Your countryside is so pretty and green in the spring-time.
Quite different from the streets of Marrakech.
Yes, the sewing machines are a thing of the past in Europe.
I remember walking in the hills near Alpbach in the Tyrol many years ago.
This was in the summertime and lovely.