Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Egypt in November

My husband and I spent a holiday in Egypt last November and we LOVED the people and their country.
Best wishes to Egypt from Vienna!
We keep our fingers crossed for a good future!


Janie said...

The photos are fascinating. I'm glad you had a good trip in November. Now would not be a good time. I, too, wish Egypt the best for a good future.

Dina said...

I join your wishes. Good that you were in Egypt in quieter times.

Arija said...

Maria, just as well you were there in November and not now!
The situation at the moment is not pleasant, I just hope there is no more bloodshed.

joo said...

Seems you were lucky to be there in November, now it would be difficult. Of course I join your wishes as well!

SH -ic said...

yes i agree with you .. i m connected to egypt for a long time --

Marina said...

Ι wish the best for Egypt and all of us!!! Something bad is flying around all over the world!!!

Donna said...

The destruction and chaos right now is so disheartening. It's good that you went when you did. I don't think it will be safe for tourists (or residents) for a long time to come now.

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
i've thinking I wanna see more your pictures in Egypt!
so I'm pleased I can see them!
can you show me more?

and I hope for Egypt to be peace, too.