Sunday, 7 November 2010

Autumn roses and more

Today we walked through Vienna
which is pleasantly deserted on a typical late Autumn Sunday morning like this,
and with a wonderful a gray layer of fog high above.

Of course we visited the Rosegarden in Voksgarten,
and I took some nice pictures of the last autumn roses.

Many rosebushes were already prepared for the winter season with branches cut,
but not yet wrapped up in their warm winter bags.

Oh, the fountain, dark and cool,
and some rose heads drifting on the dark surface.

And my favourite rose, still blooming nice and bright!

What did hubby see outside the garden?

*lol* Some more flowers!

This could be Vienna's most whimsically decorated construction site :)

Look for flowers from all around our good old globe below:


lotusleaf said...

Your pictures are very evocative.
Have a good day!

joo said...

Beautiful set of photos!
Have a great week ahead:)

Marina said...

Roses and a present for you! Congratulations!!!

Janie said...

Lovely photos of the roses still blooming. I especially like the yellow rose head floating on the water.

Unknown said...

lovely roses and series of photos. i love the construction site with potted flowers.:p

Lady Di Tn said...

I always have an urge to hop a plane to your beautiful area when I read your post and see your wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. BTW Love how you are changing your headers so often. Peace

Andrea said...

Oh how lovely those photos are, especially that reflection, i love them much. We dont have Autumn, you know, we only have 2 seasons.

Marina said...

I'm glad your present arrived! Have a nice weekend!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

A new survey is out about the best cities to live in and yours was number ONE, Peace