Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Sunday trip to the pine woods of Bad Vöslau

Dear friends, I caught the flu last week, but now I'm back!
This is a report from our last trip through the woods near Vienna!

Bad Vöslau is a small town 25 miles south of Vienna.
It is situated on the slopes of the Vienna Woods and it is famous for its hot springs and its red wines.
And also for its lovely old architecture from around 1900.

But last Sunday we came to Bad Vöslau to take a stroll through the large pine wood forests around.

Before we entered the forest, we enjoyed the view over the wineyards.
Here the red wine was cultivated on a large scale as early as 1770.

The sun casted lovely shadows on the grey trees, and the leaves on the ground were sweet with autumn.

We followed a path called "E2".
E2? Later on we found out that "E2" means
Esoteric path no. 2

E2 turned out to be a truly romantic and solitary path
(which did NOT lead to Vöslauerhütte but near it)

but on its way we came across some old limestone pits,

and even some heaps of mighty granite rocks called "Hexenstein", Witchrocks.
E2 - Esoteric! *LOL*

I climed up on top of Witchrock,
and the dog was frustrated because it was too steep for her to follow.

The wood was full of Cornelian Cherries,

and it was the first time in my life that I found them really sweet and overripe!

Cornelian Cherries, "Dirndln", are widespread in Lower Austria, they are used for making jam, and also for the delicious and rare Dirndlschnaps!

Autumn had also painted the fruits of the barberries red,
and made the flowers special.

A look up in the sky showed a different world:

the beautiful ornaments of the dark pine trees against the bright magic sky.

Our dog enjoyed the hike,

and when the forest suddenly changed from pines to beeches and oaks,
(which is not unusual in this region)
we were not surprised to find plenty of the wild growing Cyclamen persicum, Alpenveilchen.

Link to Google Maps Bad Vöslau.

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Kessi said...

Dein Blog ist immer wieder einen Ausflug wert!!! 1000 liebevolle Grüße von Herzen - Kessi :-)

Donna said...

What a lovely stroll! Thank you for sharing!

Wienermädel + Co said...

Und ich dachte, ihr macht Urlaub - Herbstzeit, Wanderzeit!

Schöne Bilder von der Vöslauer Umgebung sind dir gelungen - wie immer :-))

Dimple said...

Thank you for taking me with you on your walk!

Janie said...

Beautiful hike with great photos! Esoteric 2 and Witchrocks are amusing name choices. Makes one wonder who came up with them!

eileeninmd said...

Thanks for taking me on your hike. The wildflowers are gorgeous and the scenery is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your scenic Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for the beautiful tour! Those woods are lovely and unspoilt.

Petit Eyekiss said...

Thank you for this Sunday trip. I realy like it!

Stine in Ontario said...

I very much enjoyed your walk in the forest. Thank you for taking your camera so we could join you!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you two & your doggy had a great walk & had lots of fun, it certainly looks like a nice place!

life's journey said...

wow you have a beautiful pictures for Scenic Sunday. Thanks. Mine is ready too.

Gaelyn said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick.
E2 looks like a delightful place for a walk. I like the idea of witchrocks. Bet the hotsprings would have been nice afterwards.

Rinkly Rimes said...

So many Tales from the Vienna Woods! I love the shot of the dog on the path with all the dappled shadows.

Gemma Wiseman said...

I am amazed that cyclamen grows in the wild in Austria! A magical series of photos and fascinating!

Coffeedoff said...

A lovely set of photos of an interesting place!

Nishant said...

Beautiful hike with great photos! Esoteric 2 and Witchrocks are amusing name choices. Makes one wonder who came up with them!
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antigoni said...

Perfect place. Your photos are awesome.