Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vienna Skywalkers

Every Thursday at 7 p.m., my friend and I meet to take a speedy walk of about 5 miles.
Last Thursday, we met at Donauinsel, the artificial island separating the river Danube and its flooded inundation area.

The idea is to walk towards the setting sun.
That's why we call us SKYWALKERS!

The first golden rays appear.

We walk along the bank of the river Danube
and see the Southern part of Vienna

The sky and the river Danube are turned into a pink hue.

Behind the city, you can see the soft hills of the Vienna Woods.

We quickly approach Reichsbrücke.

Here we will take Underground U1 back to town.

Now we look across "Neue Donau", the flooded inundation area of the Danube, with Vienna's International Centre.

It must be nice to live here, with a view over the river and the hills in the West.
Here, under the bridge, is Vienna's fun area called "Copa Kagrana"
(after the district Kagran) where you enjoy the evening after a hot day.

We chill out with a good cold beer

and watch the lights dancing in the water.


Small City Scenes said...

Skywalkers---what a great idea. Love the series of walking pictures and changing landscape.
I am back and feeling much refreashed. MB

Anonymous said...

This was fun, and I loved the sun setting photographs with pink and the dancing lights :)

laughingwolf said...

lovely pics, makes me wish i was back on the west coast instead of the east....

Maria said...

Thank you my friends for joining me! We are leaving now for a two day's hiking tour in the Alpenvorland!
Best regards, Maria

merlinprincesse said...

Thanks for visiting during that sad week of mine! I am very happy to see that your doggie is healthy again. I have a good news! Merlin does not have cancer. Probably just an infection! :) So my cat is fine! :))))