Tuesday, 30 December 2008

How did she get up there?

When I posted this photo with my dog 10 meters above the Vienna river,
CES asked me, a little shocked, how the dog managed to get up there.
Well, I'll show you!

The dog simply jumps up the little wall which is not very high here,
and speedily balances along it.
I dare not call her for fear she might fall down into the Wienfluss river.

I love the Stadtpark very much.
After the regulation of the Wienfluss, the whole river area was rebuilt between 1903 and 1907, with a gate out of which the river flows, pavillons and stairs to its shorts.
There is more information here in Wiki.

I love its architecture, the bridges, the old trees,

and the pond with its waterfowl.

And tourists love to take pictures of the golden statute of
Johann Strauss,
Austria's king of waltz.

When the dog realizes that we are on our way to Stadtpark,
she begins to run like mad...
Vienna's Stadtpark is a very important part of

By the way - JOHANN STRAUSS!
The traditional Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert 2009
will be conducted

for the first time by the Argentinean-Israeli pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.

He is one of the most famous conductors in the world and most loved by the Vienna audience.
Barenboim also founded the West-Eastern Diwan Orchester which consists of Israeli and Palestinian musicians!
Perhaps a good way to make peace.

The New Year's Concert 2009 will once again be broadcast by the Austrian Broadcasting Network to over 70 television networks and 300 radio stations around the world.

Here you see the Musikverein building where the concert is performed every year.

Neujahrskonzert 2009
Dirigent: Daniel Barenboim
Johann Strauß: Ouvertüre zu "Eine Nacht in Venedig" (Berliner Fassung)
Johann Strauß: Märchen aus dem Orient. Walzer, op. 444
Johann Strauß: Annen-Polka, op. 117
Johann Strauß: Schnellpost-Polka. Polka schnell, op. 159
Johann Strauß: Rosen aus dem Süden. Walzer, op. 388
Johann Strauß: Freikugeln. Polka schnell, op. 326
- Pause -
Johann Strauß: Ouvertüre Zigeunerbaron
Johann Strauß: Einzugsmarsch Zigeunerbaron
Johann Strauß: Schatz-Walzer, op. 418 Josef Hellmesberger: Valse espagnole
Johann Strauß-Vater: Zampa Galopp
Johann Strauß: Alexandrinen-Polka, op. 198
Johann Strauß: Unter Donner und Blitz. Polka schnell, op. 324
Josef Strauß: Sphärenklänge. Walzer, op. 235
Johann Strauß: Éljen a Magyár! Polka schnell, op. 332
Joseph Haydn: Abschiedssymphonie, 4. Satz

Click on the image above to hear the waltz "The Blue Danube" from last year's New Year's Concert!


SPORTS said...

Very good!

marina said...

You've shown this bridge and the area around it very pretty! The gold statue is unique and I'm very impressed with the hole view!
Happy New Year dear Maria to you and your family!

fishing guy said...

Maria: What an impressive area of historic proportions.

Arija said...

Everything is so delightfully civilized in Vienna, even the Stadtpark! Thank you for letting us know that Barenboim is conducting this year and the programme as well. With two pieces from Der Zigeunerbaron, I shall definitely be tuning in.
Lovely post Maria, and a Happy New Year to you both!

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Great photos. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

Sylvia K said...

Maria, thank you so much for the beautiful tour of a portion of your beautiful city! Vienna is so beautiful and thanks, too, for the information about Barenboim and the program. Just a great informative and beautiful post. Thanks you, and Happy New Year!

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Great post, very interesting.

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Great My World post - thanks for joining us.

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brilliant pix...and Thank u, thanks thanks thanks…4 yr comment

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happy new year, maria :D