Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Love is in the green air ;)

Upright dog D'Ora looked if everything was all right.
What did she see?
Three indecent forestal inhabitants!

A lonely grasshopper...

... stalking two happy bugs!

She immediately arrested them and everything was all right again.

© by Maria and Iris, her niece


Titania said...

Hi Maria, our dogchildren find always "things" we usually miss! The iridescent beetles look very pretty.

ayamlin said...

I'm Aya.
I'm a Japanese woman.
I found your blog by coincidence!
By the way how beautiful the bug is!
and I'm relly like your pictures!
I love the scenery in nature and signs that you took pictures are
very cute!
I wanna go to Austria someday!!

laughingwolf said...

another fun outing :)

Maria said...

Thank you titania!

Hello Aya, thank you, nice to meet you!

Indeed, laughingwolf ;)

Small City Scenes said...

Oh Maria---I am chuckling. MB

Maria said...

Oh yes, MB, I know you are! My little niece and I had a really funny evening chuckling a lot, and I was dying to post this! I was really afraid what would be the result of it.... Silly!