Sunday, 19 July 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon at last

Some days ago I crossed the Danube at Reichsbrücke, when the ship with the red roses (A'Rosa Riva) I had seen recently passed by.
I had enough time to take pictures from above.

Maybe some day I will travel along the Danube on a ship heading for the Black Sea?

And today:
Clouds in the sky like Wiener Schnitzeln...

but we had lunch at Flanagan's Irish pub at Schwarzenberg Straße.

We enjoyed the sun and the wind under the large green parasols on the square in front of the pub.

The food was excellent,
chicken salad and fish and chips and roast beef "with all the goodies"!

Tim drank his first Guinness beer in order to prepare for his trip to Ireland next month.

The dog under the table liked the roast beef, too :>

On our way home we passed by strange dogs in shop windows,

but our D'Ora was more impressed by what her canine friends had left on the street...

We went home through the sun-drenched streets of Vienna,

not without buying some sweets at Café-Konditorei Aida on our way home.
(Erdbeertörtchen, Kardinalschnitten, Cremeschnitten... )

Have a nice week ahead!
My vacation is over now, I'm back at work tomorrow morning :[


Calm Energy said...

Hi Maria! Keep the memory of this beautiful Vienna day close... it will refresh you in the middle of the workday~
Thank you for the your wonderful picture stories *your dinner looked delish! Love the little D'ora stories too!

Lara said...

I'll be spending one month and a half in Vienna starting with beginning of August. and I am so looking forward for strolling around!

waldviertelleben said...

das sind wieder wunderschöne bilder!

Anonymous said...

Nice pool on that ride, the food looks good, and the street scenes are inviting! Wish I could visit and vacation there! How cool would that be!

Lady Di Tn said...

A lovely way to end a vacation. Too bad we both were not in those empty chairs on the boat. Looks like a fun ride.
Did you say beer? I the chief cook and bottle washer have declared it "Beer Night" on Thursdays. I prefer Miller Lite even before my favorite race car driver was sponsored by Miller. But now he has retired and I still am hooked on the brand.
Hope you have a pleasant work week ahead.