Friday, 3 July 2009

A Fotoworkshop

Renaissanceschloss Greillenstein, 70 miles northwest of Vienna,
is a wonderful place for a photo workshop!

We were welcomed by the freaky sphinx's child:
"Tell me, mom, who's that, what are they doing here?"

A photo class from Vienna,
in search of the perfect motive and the right lense :))

Practice, practice, practice, the whole afternoon!

Perfect angles, apertures, exposure times,
focal points, composition and special effects and... the right light!

In the late afternoon we left for another shooting place.

GPS and Günter Grüner, our trainer, helped us find our way in a countryside with many small winding roads and rolling hills.

Finally we found the right place, and look, what a golden sunset!

So long, lovely Waldviertel!

Best thanks to Günter Grüner, our great coach!


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful experience!
Wish I could have joined you.
Happy weekend.


Sounds like heaven to me! You did a god job, a lot of great shots! And I simply love those last shots, with the golden sunset! They are gorgeous! What a wonderful light!

Brenda said...

Glorious shots!!!

Janie said...

You certainly took some great photos. Must have been a lot of fun to mingle with other photographers and learn new things at the same time.

Lara said...

that is a great place to learn photography!

waldviertelleben said...

da werden deine fotos ja noch genialer - was willst du noch verbessern??
schönes wochenende

Barbara Martin said...

What an extraordinary place to take photos! You were so very lucky, Maria.

Reisl Today said...

You take amazing photos! :)
I love to stroll through your blog and see such great photos. Great Photography!