Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Traditional Viennese Easter Market

Before Easter, I love to visit Vienna's Easter Market at the Freyung.
The scenery is overwhelming:
the beautiful square Freyung is surrounded by the monastery Schottenstift, and the baroque palaces Palais Harrach, Ferstel and Kinsky.

At the Easter Market:

It's unbelievable - you will find more than 40.000 painted Easter eggs being on display :)

The variety of motives is unlimited...

Strawberries and
St. Stephen's Cathedral side by side with Shakespeare!

You find all kinds of Easter decorations,

and playful Easter jumble...

We leave the market place behind and enter one of the fabulous baroque palaces!

The Easter bunny is from Augarten porcelain!
What else?

Click on the emblem for more information!


Janie said...

I don't know anywhere in the US that displays painted Easter eggs like that. They're lovely, and it's a great way to celebrate the season.

Deb said...

I've never seen so many beautiful eggs, thank you for sharing Vienna with us!

jeannette stgermain said...

Waauw, if they weren't eggs, one could think it's Christmas.

Kessi said...

Oooooooooooh, sowas habe ich ja noch niee gesehen..... Wien ist ja wie im Schlaraffenland :).... Du Glückliche, das alles erleben und sehen und bestaunen zu dürfen :)... wieder beeindruckt!

Hab einen wunderschönen Tag! Alles Liebe - Kessi

Dina said...

I'd love to see your market. And those buildings!
Happy Easter.

Arija said...

How wonderful! I love the strawberry and art eggs. With all this bountydoes anyone in Vienna stillpaint their own?
Wonderfull post Maria.

Donna said...

My word, look at all those eggs! You would never see anything like that in the USA! How grand and beautiful!

waldviertelleben said...

schöne ostertage für dich - so nette fotos wieder von dir.
liebe grüsse

Caprice- said...

WOW! So many Easter Eggs! How COOL! I had to send my sister the link so she could see the strawberry colored eggs. You have a great blog (or 2). Thanks for sharing!!!
Thanks for joining my blog followers I look forward to getting to know you.

Lindab said...

These are so beautiful. I remember we were in Salzburg at Easter once and wanted to buy some eggs like these, but didn't think we'd get them home in one piece. If we visit Vienna I can see we'd better go prepared.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Maria :)

I am greatly impressed by the fact that your traditional Easter markets are located among such imposing buildings. What strikes me most is that there are hardly any people on the road. You come to our market in Kochi any day and you will find a crowd here. Your skies are also quite clear and indicates your spring is already there and you can look forward to nice bright weather and enjoy your Easter festivities. This is what I can gather from your first photo.

Your second photo is also interesting in the sense that the items for sale are neatly laid out and there is no clutter and waste thrown here and there. This is totally different from the markets we have in Kochi. Here there is no orderliness but disorderliness. We like to be chaotic and like to throw our things any where we want. Remember, we are the biggest democracy in the world and we like to enjoy the freedom in doing whatever we want and no one will stop us :)

In the third photo, I can see a lot of lovely, delicious fruits but they are all covered. Here we are better than you. We are masters in display. The fruit display that we have will compel you to walk to the stall and make you buy. The only problems is that we keep our good looking fruits prominently displayed and the stall keepers are very clever and cunning that they will mix good fruits with bad ones and give to you:) You will know it only when you reach home and then you will start screaming at the fruit vendor for cheating you :)

The fourth , fifth, sixth and seventh photos are too good to be true. The color and decorations are fascinating. This clearly shows the aesthetic sense of the Viennese. Ah! Talking of Shakespeare! You know that this man wrote 133 sonnets praising his love for a man, the young girlish looking Earl of Southampton. All great people have freakish nature in them just as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky:) Do you remember what they did in the White House?:)

The Easter bunny is so cute. If it was not made of porcelain I would have liked to make a nice stew out of it and we could have shared together with nice, soft, fluffy Appams( rice preparation) What do you think of my idea?

Have a Blessed Easter, Maria

marie-louise said...

What amazing pictures, Maria. I just love the painted easter eggs. I have just heard on our national radio about all the Easter festivities in Vienna, especially the Easter market. We have nothing like this in Australia.

Judy said...

I love the eggs painted as strawberries!! My mind simply boggles at the idea of 40,000 Easter eggs!!

Anonymous said...

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