Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thank God it's Friday!

Friday's coming soon,
and then I have a week off!

What will I do?
Visit "Friday's" to celebrate TGiF?

Or sit with our tourists in the streets?

Take a ride in a pink Fiaker coach eating Manner Schnitten?

No, better take the white horse and eat some white chocolate too!

Maybe I'll dress up like Wolfgang Amadeus...

and fall asleep in the streets
because temperatures have risen so quickly!

Anyway, I think I'll start with TGiF :)

and meet Aya there :)

Have a nice weekend everybody!


Deb said...

Sounds like you have your weekend plan, love the photos especially of the horse drawn carriages TGIF
well not quite for us yet

Kessi said...

Einfach mal nichts tun und das Leben geniessen!! :) Du hast es Dir mehr als verdient! Ganz herzliche Grüße, Deine Kessi

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Maria :)

I was taken by surprise by the caption of your post. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! It was the name of an English movie which I saw several times when I was a bachelor.

WOW! I enlarged the first photo and lo and behold there is a shop in that name TGIF and that too in a building with exquisite designs.

In the second photo, the old man has dropped some pages of his news paper on the ground. I hope he will pick it up. Or perhaps will he leave it there for others to read?

In the third, those girls or ladies are not concerned about you taking their photo. They are in a world of their own. But what I liked are those two ladies walking behind. They look very stylish and chic. I enjoyed watching them.

No! I refuse to come for a ride in a fiaker. I know what happens. I prefer to stroll and eat Manner Schnitten. Will any one object? The building behind is very beautiful. I want to see that.

In the fifth photo, there is a horse rearing to go with its front two legs up in the air. I want to ride that horse. Is it possible? May be in my dreams!

Oh, yes! I don’t mind if you dress up like Wolfgang Amadeus. She is gorgeous. You will be beautiful and bewitching. A visual treat!

In the next photo, I can see a tired salesman. He drinking all the coke he is supposed to sell and sleeping on top of the ice cream. I am sure he is day dreaming that one day he will become very rich and marry a beautiful girl.

How wonderful! I thought I lost my way. But you brought me back to where we started. Please, please let me buy you a burger at the TGIF.

Maria, many thanks for the wonderful tour. I am a bit tired walking around with you but I enjoyed very much. I admit Vienna is fantastic place. A tourist’s paradise.

Have a wonderful day, Maria :)

Titania said...

Well, Maria, it is nice to have a week off and living in Vienna you are not short of entertainment and I guess your camera does not have off! Today is "Grandma's day at Fabrizia's school, I know what to do today. It is raining, I do not mind. Enjoy your free time and have happy days. Hugs T.

Arija said...

So, at last you have spring and a week off, seems a petty good combination to me. Whatever you do, enjoy it!

Jan said...

What a fun post, and great photos, too.


I enjoyed both the photos, and the reading! Smiled all the way!

Have a great weekend and week off!

Photo Cache said...

Enjoy your week off, just in time for holy week.

You know I have never been to TGI Friday's. Go and report back what's good and what to avoid.

Lara said...

oh, we still have two days of work :). but then a little bit later next week it's holiday and Easter! yupeeeeee!

antigoni said...

I'm sure you'll have great time. Enjoy your weekend.

Brenda said...

No matter what you do, HAVE FUN! I know you will :-)

I love the street sleeper photo!

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
I really enjoyed taking a walk in my mind.
Everytime I see pictures of your city, you have a lot of beautiful building also there are beautiful streets.
Thank you Maria!
and finding my name on your blog, I'm really happy!!
Thank you Maria to think of me:)
I can spend happy time because you got me happiness:)
Have a wonderful weekend, Maria:)

Small City Scenes said...

You have such a great sense of humor that we will laugh like crazy when I fly over to meet you.

Meet you at TGIF's. MB

Denise said...

We have a TGIF about a mile away from us. So interesting that there is also one in Vienna. Great photos as always.

Ces said...

Now that looks like a classier TGIFriday restaurant. Lovely altogether. I enjoy going with you on your walks.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm pleased to see the carriage drivers put rugs on their horses when they are waiting between fares.

Anonymous said...

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