Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sun on my window sills :))

After a two and a half hours' stroll through Vienna's city centre Innenstadt I returned home and saw the spring sun on my window sills.
Flashing colours, first shadows, and a little hortensia not amused of so much sunshine.

Pictures of our sightseeing tour among Fiaker coaches and classic facades (and balconies !!) coming soon!


ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
You have many beautiful flowers!
it must be comfortable!
I only have two roses.
why I don't have many flowers?
because I'm not good at growing flowers!

Donna said...

Positively lovely!

Sara said...

I love the views of your sunshiny windowsills! The shadows and the sun with all the plans and other little decorations make lovely compositions.

The flowering cactus in the pretty white pot is what we all a Christmas cactus here because they bloom at Christmas time. I have not seen a pale pink/white one like that; most of them here are red or very deep pink.

It was fun looking out your windows to see what is across the way! And you have double windows/windowsills...not something we ever see where I live. But I know you need those for the cold weather.

Kessi said...

Entzückende Blumen, schönes sonniges Fenster, herrlich! Du hast das Paradies um Dich ;)!

Fotos da Lurdes said...

Beautiful blossoms!
Pretty flowers...Nice shots...

Deb said...

love the sun shining through, love your plants