Friday, 3 April 2009


Oh what a feeling!
Over night, spring has come to Vienna!
Colours everywhere, blossoms, white and green!

I'm lovin' it!

I took these pictures this evening.
Everybody is happy here because ... it's definitely spring!


Kessi said...

Ohhhh....what a wonderful night... :))

Der Frühling heisst: MARIA :))!!
Enjoy the saturday and the sunday and relax!!! :) Kessi

Bryan said...

Hooray for Spring! Beautiful photos of the bright spring colors.

Deb said...

beautiful spring photos!

Lara said...

wonderful! next week I am there, so this means I'll see it in its splendour!

Donna said...


Tricia said...

Yay Spring has sprung!!! Very pretty photos too!!!

Arija said...

Spring is the season of unbounded energy with everything happening at once. One is ether energised by it or totally drained with so much going on all around.
Must be lovely to have some free time to roam through all that beauty with your lovely dog.

Jeannette St.G. said...

The first pic is so beautifully springy (made up my own word:) )
Sorry, it took me a while to get to your blog -
the trees on the post below, they look very mysterious.
cheers, jeannette

Ces said...

Of course! Spring is beautiful. The budding, the blooming, the crisp air, the bre3ze...allergies, ACHOOO! Where's my allergy pill...ah here it is. Thank you.

My dearest Maria, how are you my friend? You know what I have been up to now what have you been up to. I have to scroll back and see for myself.

Beautiful image of the buds. I love buds, they hold such big promises.

Daisy is our dog. She is a most gentle puppy and yes, she would love your darling D'ora.

Happy spring to you my friend.

Barbara Martin said...

Budding blossoms are a sure sign of spring, though it will be at least another month in Toronto before that happens. Glorious when it happens.