Sunday, 23 November 2008

The First Snow!

The first snow here in Vienna!
My doggy took me out to the Stadtpark immediately to check the situation!
The snow made the dog chase around like a bat from hell!
It is not too warm outside, so I think the snow will stay for some days!
Happy week to all of you!

I tried this post for about 3 hours, with various pictures, with loading problems, never being contented with the post, etc, then I deleted all, and now I tried again and finished the post in 5 minutes.
Well, that's blogging!


Marcos Santos said...

Hi Maria

I wie Sie Ihren Kommentar in portugiesischer Sprache auf meinem Blog.

Ich mag Schnee, aber weiß es nicht.
In Brasilien haben wir nicht Schnee.


Denise said...

I am sorry you had problems trying to post Maria. That happens sometimes. Your snow picture is very beautiful and your little dog was such a nice addition. He looked like he was having a great time. Have a great week and I hope you have no more problems with your blogging.

Jan said...

Yes, that is blogging, but I'm so glad you persevered. The photo is wonderful.

Brenda said...

I love to see your beautiful snow but please don't send any to me. :-)

guild-rez said...

Ja, deutsch wird auf der ganzen Welt gesprochen:)
Ich habe noch zwei weitere Blogs..
hier lebe ich..
und das finde ich im Wald..
Viel Spass beim Lesen..

Darla said...

Computers? You never know. Man oh man that's some snow you got there.

Dulce said...

Sometimes our computers can drive us crazy!!!!Glad you could post it.
Here in Lisbon we don't have snow, only in the north of Portugal or in high lands. It's a pity. I only saw snow two or three times in all my life.
Have a nice week

Webradio said...

Hello Maria !
Vienna under the snow...
Nice photo, but it's cold now...

See You later !

Elizabeth said...

Bet D'Oro has lots of fun in the snow!
Very pretty but not so much fun for the grown ups when we freeze alive.

Small City Scenes said...

The first snow is always so pretty and wonderful.
Sometimes that ol blogger is just cranky.
Nice pic. MB

angela said...

Hi Maria, it looks pretty cold there though your dog's enjoying it. The park looks lovely under its dusting of icing sugar. The forecast here is for some light snow too..

Blogger can be a pest..

ayamlin said...

Hi maria!
I can imagine your dog played around under snowing.
In Japan there is a song like that.
" dog enjoy running on the snowground and cat lies in the warm room. "

marina said...

I hope Greece will have some snow this year and I mean HERE in my island and not only at the mountains! Last year we had snow too, indeed at the day that a friend of mine was getting married! It was soooooo gold and only 15 people had managed to go to the church.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Maria :)

Lovely photo!

The snow gives me the shivers. Most of my life I lived in a tropical climate and I am scared of cold weather. A few years I lived in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh where the climate gets quite cold. I found it quite difficult to adjust to that climate. I had to wear sweater, monkey cap, gloves,use room heater etc. I am now in Kerala and I don't have to use those warm clothes. I have a trunk full of them.

Have a good day :)

antigoni said...

I love Winter and snow. I hope we have some this year.

joan said...

I've been hearing alot of problems with uploading lately. The snow loks so pretty, I bet your dog had a ball!

The Tile Lady said...

Wonderful photo! Great view of your first snow! Such fun! We haven't had any stick yet. Hope you had a wonderful week...thanks for coming by my post! Marie