Saturday, 15 November 2008

Brenda's Photo Challenge - Water

For me, water is pure pleasure!
Swimming in the ocean,
sailing in a lake,
wading through a streamlet!

Or just sitting on the shore
playing with water colours!

Water makes me think of poetry.

Water, is taught by thirst.
Land—by the Oceans passed.
Transport—by throe—
Peace—by its battles told—
Love, by Memorial Mold—
Birds, by the Snow.
Emily Dickinson

And of beauty!

Pictures taken last year at
Wolfgangsee, Salzkammergut, Austria

I want to thank Cindra for giving me the opportunity to choose my favourite theme!
I hope you enjoyed it too!
I will post a new hostess for the next challenge on Sunday!
And now I can't wait to see all your contributions!

Have a nice weekend!


Coca Cutie said...

Amazing the color of the water there Maria, so green and cristal!
Awesome post :) Have a great weekend!

Arija said...

Wonderful photos Maria and a great challenge.
I remember the Wolfgangsee as blue.

Donna said...

These are Wonderful!! The colors are just Gorgeous!! Well Done!! Thanks for hosting the challenge Sweetie!!hughugs

Sharon Ellery said...

Wonderful water photos.


Maria said...

Thank you, arija, Wolfgangsee is actually blue, but on the northwestern bank of the lake (here is the village Fürberg) the water is smaragd! We walked from St. Wolfgang to St. Gilgen, the pictures were taken there!

Karen M said...

Very nicely done! Thanks for hosting and selecting such a wonderful theme. It was lots of fun!!

Jan said...

Maria, great post and choice of subject. I love the bird's eye view of the aailboat.

Donna said...

Thank you for being the hostess this time and picking such a great theme! Lovely pictures and my absolute favorite is the one of the lake and mountains. Spectacular!

Small City Scenes said...

Great shots, Maria. I love water too. Of course I love the mountains best but always by a river or lake. MB

Just Joni said...

Love your photos...the greens are so vibrant....good job! This really was a fun theme, I'm glad you chose it and thank you for hosting!

Good day ~

joan said...

These are beautiful Maria! I must come and visit your country someday, it looks so pretty. I liked this water theme alot. Thanks for being the hostess!

Catherine said...

How peaceful is the life in Turquoise! I love it. I would love to immerse in it (maybe later; )

Jeanne said...

Lov all your pictures and can't possibly pick a favorite. I also love that you used our local poetess E.D. to accent your piece. I'd love to hostess next, thanks so much for asking me! Will give the theme Sunday or Monday after you post.

Dina said...

You are blessed to live in a land with so much water.
Maria, the comment you left is so funny. I won't tell the abbot where his Brother Scarecrow might be. LOL

Butterfly Gardener said...

I'm excited to get to participate in my first photo challenge. You took some great pics! (PS I finally got my water pics posted.)

Webradio said...

Wonderful photo here too !

Brenda said...

Glorious shots of your water theme Miz Maria. I think the inlet is my favorite, it looks so peaceful there.
Thank you for being our hostess for this challenge!

Cindra said...

i just feel so relaxed after looking at your pictures and reading everything. Your photos are beautiful...the colors so amazing!

antigoni said...

Excellent pictures, Maria. I didn't know that you like water so much. If i knew i would give you the award of "The right blue friends". You deserve it. So i give it to you now. Congratulations.

Annie said...

Thanks Maria for hosting the challenge this week. Love all you photos...water is so it?

I have had fun with the water theme...although I am soo late!


ps We have just had a huge tropical storm and a quarter of the city is without power!

The Tile Lady said...

Very very nice, Maria! I loved the photographs, the thoughts, the poem! Great post!!!!!

ed said...


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