Friday, 12 September 2008

Vienna Skywalkers - Marchfeldkanal

My friend Brigitte and me take the Schnellbahn to Deutsch-Wagram, 10 miles northeast of Vienna.
It is 5.50 pm.

We cross the Danube,

Donauinsel and the New Danube,

Vienna's city express highway,

and 20 minutes later we arrive in the village Deutsch-Wagram.

We will follow it over a distance of 9 miles until we reach Vienna.

Here is the biking and hiking route along the canal.

This is one of the weirs regulating the water of the Danube.
The canal supplies a large agricultural area, the Marchfeld, where Vienna's vegetables grow, with water.

The canal was built 25 years ago following ecological principles.
It's embankment is not always dead straight and is overgrown with regional trees and bushes.

One of the blue bridges that lead over the canal.

The dog enjoys thousand smells and attractions, and we walk out quickly and exchange last week's news.

The colours have definitely changed during last week.
Autumn has come!

The best carrot ever!

Evening comes and the moon rises slowly over the melancholy landscape.

In the middle of nowhere a pizzeria,
and everybody enjoying one of the last warm evenings.

It gets dark, we see Vienna's city lights in the distance.
We still have to walk about an hour.

After this speedy walk of 9 miles, we feel phantastic.
The first long sip of cold beer is our reward!

Thank you for joining us on our walk!


Webradio said...


Tu as pris beaucoup de photos...
Nous T'accompagnons volontiers dans ta promenade...
Hallo ...

Du hast eine Menge Fotos ...
Wir gehen gerne in Ihrem Weg ...

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE field trips!! Thanks for the trip...:-)

Denise said...

Outstanding series of photos and I enjoyed the journey. I left something for you on my latest post. It is an award I was given that I would like to pass on to you. I hope you'll accept.

soulbrush said...

so many of you do walks, and i really enjoy joining you all, this is so lovely, thanks.think i must go on one this afternoon with my camera.

Wienermaedel said...

Die Schilderung ist wirklich interessant. Besonders aber gefallen mir die Herbstfarben - es ist soweit, auch wenn es wieder wärmer wird!