Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Reminiscences of a perfect summer hiking tour

If you want to hike through Austria's lovely Alpenvorland
on a perfect summer day
then click HERE:


Webradio said...

Bonjour Maria !
Cette forêt ressemble beaucoup à une forête près de chez moi, où je vais chercher des champignons...

Bonne ballade !
A bientôt...

soulbrush said...

yup can't beat hiking...looks so realxing and comfortable...there's no place to hike here in london, so envy you.

Wienermaedel said...

Das sind schöne Erinnerungen, die liebliche Landschaft, auch wenn das Wetter schlecht, das Gasthaus geschlossen und kein Quartier in Sicht war, hinterher war alles toll.
Die Fotos sind wirklich gut.

marina said...

I see you aren't just a...common photographer but a...professional hiker as well!:)

Denise said...

Oh what a beautiful setting for a hike. This is a lovely photo Maria. I wish I could walk in their tracks :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comments.

ayamlin said...

Hi maria!
it looks very nice!
the air seems to be incredible and to smell like fresh green:)
You could've gotten rid of your stress, right:)
I wanna breathe there!

Small City Scenes said...

Wow, Maria. I want to go hiking with you. MB

Barbara Martin said...

Beautiful photo and the hiking trail you went on was fantastic!! Love your dog, D'ora.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Maria,

Many thanks for the exciting but arduous trip. It is really an achievement to cover a total distance of 37 kilometers in two days in spite of the up hill walking and bad weather conditions. Surely you and your companions must be very strong and tough to undertake this strenuous but enjoyable and out of the ordinary venture.

I enjoyed the trek watching the lovely scenery, green meadows, tall oaks, calm, peaceful and pollution free atmosphere, breathing in the pure air and the antics of your energetic dog,

I was impressed to see a small statue of our LADY and a bench for the weary travelers to sit and rest.

The last photo with the clock tower in the background looked like a picture taken out of a fairy tale book.

On account of your excellent photos and presentation, I got an opportunity to see some enchanting places in the world sitting inside my house.

Many, many thanks for sharing!

Have a bright and beautiful day!