Friday, 30 April 2010

Lobau - The Danube's Wetlands in Vienna

Once a month my friend Brigitte and I take a longer walk on Saturday mornings.
Last week we hiked for 5 hours through the wetlands of the Danube, the Lobau, a protected area in the Nationalpark Donauauen.

Enjoy the peaceful landscape and imagine that we

left the citiy limits of Vienna!

We crossed an old arm of the Danube on a bridge called Josefsteg, built by the Austrian Army, the Bundesheer, in 2001.

We enjoyed the intensive green colours and took pictures in the cherry grove.

Guess what D'Ora did?


She watched the changing patterns of the shadows cast on the water by the mallards in the reeds!


Deb said...

it looks like a wonderful place to hike and take photos...yours are great...

Donna said...

What a lovely walk! And the expression on your pooch is priceless!

RuneE said...

I congratulate you with having such a nice trail within the city limits.