Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Eggs à la Christine

Dear friends,
I saw many delicious Easter dishes when I visited your blogs!
But look,
This is what we had as starters for our Easter meal:
Eggs à la Christine, embedded in green beans :-)
And we dispatched the chocolate Easter bunnies as a dessert!


Donna said...

LOL, what a great picture with the rabbits looking fondly at the food!

Kathy said...

We had deviled eggs too! One of our favorite holiday dishes. Yours so look scrumptious!

Ever Green Tree said...

Looks Yummy!

Baino said...

Hey Maria. Long time, no comment but I watch! Apparently Australia is the largest per capita consumer of Lindt Chocolate bunnies! (Haha . .I would prefer the savoury eggs) Hope you had a wonderful easter!

Lady Di Tn said...

The eggs were good starters. How do you fix your eggs? Looks like a good Easter was had by all and to top it off with chocolate bunnies. Yummy. Peace