Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Imperial Sky

My theme for this week's SWF picture is: Imperial sky!
The sky over the Imperial Palace,
Michaelerplatz, Vienna.
Wonderful! What's more thrilling than a relaxing stroll through the city, sightseeing...

But what's that?
There are so many dark spots over the imperial roofs!

Right! The Russian crows, Vienna's winter guests, are looking for a sleeping place,
which they usually find in the woods of the Vienna Prater!

Watch the sky all over the world and see if there is a place where it is roughly as exciting as it is in Vienna... ;)


Sylvia K said...

Fantastic skies, Maria! Love the cloud formations! And there are a LOT of those birds! Wow! Marvelous captures for the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy! Happy SWF!


EG Wow said...

These are great, Maria! The clouds appear to be calling attention to the palace as in a cartoon.

Janie said...

The silhouetted building and cloud formations are lovely. You certainly have no shortage of crows!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely INCREDIBLE captures! Very nice shooting

joo said...

Terrific photos Maria!
Happy weekend to you:)

Maria said...

Hi Maria!
Such dramatic skies ~ yes, very Imperial!

The crows look amazing flying over the palace!

Here where I live, we know the weather is getting colder when the little dark-eyed juncos come back ~

Enjoy a restful and lovely weekend ~

Martha Z said...

Beautiful sky, I like the way the clouds radiate from the dome. The crows, they can be a problem.

Joyful said...

Lovely sky :-)

Lady Di Tn said...

Love the contrast in your photos. You do live in an enchanted city. Peace

Marina said...

Wonderful shots!!! The scenery is so...winter!!! Do you remember what I was telling you last year about the weather? It looked so strange to me to have winter at the end of October and now...with 6 degrees in Brussels it's winter for sure!

Pagan Sphinx said...

That is just lovely. :-)

My link is here