Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Something like sky...

This is the sky I saw this evening on my weekly skywalk with my friend Brigitte.
We 'explored' Wienerberg, a Southern part of Vienna,
actually a very large park, I guess it's as large as Central Park,
and quite wild, natural, original...
Already the Romans mined clay here,
and since 1820 Europe's biggest brickyards were actually here.
All of Vienna's buildings around 1900, "Gründerzeitbauten", derive their bricks from these claypits,
and today several ponds remain where the clay for the bricks was once mined.

We enjoyed a long walk at Wienerberg this evening, with an atmospheric autumn sunset,
and a landscape within the boundaries of a 2 million city, which offers space even to the needs of my cute little doggy D'Ora
(no cyclists around :)

Please check Widipedia's entry for Wienerberg (link), it's only in German, but there are some nice pictures showing the atmosphere of the place!

Skywatch Friday
the wonderful meme showing skies and related stories from all over our globe :)


joo said...

Looks like a great place!
Have a great weekend:)

Wanda said...

The first two photos, look like someone took a clean canvas and began to apply oil paints...

So delicate, so lovely.

Kim, USA said...

Such beautiful sky!
Blue sky

Anonymous said...

Welch Freude für die Sinne.

daily athens

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous skies and reflections! Terrific captures, Maria, I love them! Hope all is going well for you! Good to see your post today! Have a wonderful weekend!


Maria said...

Oh Maria... I agree with Wanda, who loves to paint with watercolors... that the first two do look like a painting~

The Wikipedia article was great... I used Google translator. My favorite photo was of the night skyline.

Happy Friday!
*blessings to you and your family*


Arija said...

Why is it that the sky looks so much better when reflected in the water?

Lovely place for long walks, especially without cyclists.

Pearl Maple said...

beautiful collection of photos for sky watch friday and really like the art work at the bottom of your blog

Lady Di Tn said...

A very lovely place to take an evening stroll. After our flood in May you would think I would not wish for rain but we are very very very dry here in middle Tennessee, while the east cost gets so much rain. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Peace

Janie said...

Interesting history of the claypits, which are now beautiful lakes. The reflected sky is as beautiful as the sky above.