Saturday, 25 September 2010

On a rainy weekend like that...

On a rainy day like that
I try to remember the colour of the summer sky.
I review my summer photos,
and this is what I found:

Blue skies, white clouds, white statues,
bold birds,
gaudy flowers, sparkling fountains,
and good humoured people!

Have a nice sunny weekend ahead!


jeannette said...

Good and beautiful things to remember on a rainy day -love the ornate gate especially! And hope the weather will clear up:)

joo said...

Beautiful photos - good to have something nice to remember on rainy auymn days:)
Happy Sunday to you!

Janie said...

I like the summery photos. The wrought iron gate is lovely, and the perching birds are a nice contrast to the stately statues.

ayamlin said...

Oh, Hi Maria:)
I'm pleased I found your picture:)
In Tokyo it's raining today.
this summer we hardly have rainy days but after fall coming it rains a lot and it' chilly!
It's a good season to jog and to take a bath outside.
Probably you don't take a bath outside. we, Japanese like taking a bath and there are bathtub outside in Spa. we enjoy soaking in bathtub while seeing the blue sky or stars and the moon:)
it feels nice when it's cold outside and we soak a hot bathtub!

Donna said...

I love those with the birds perched on the statue heads! What a beautiful day!

Maria said...

Thank you for the beautiful sunny skies, Maria!
The gates are so beautiful!
Love those blue, blue skies and the smiles!
*Have a happy week*

The Tile Lady said...

Hello, Maria--have been mostly away, though I do pop back now and again. Have missed seeing your blog! These photos are lovely! Hope all is well with you and yours! God bless!