Saturday, 13 March 2010

Snowdrops and a photo workshop

Today at my second photo workshop:

We wanted to find Pasque Flowers, but we only found Snowdrops!
In Austria, Winter still has us in its grip!

Nevertheless, our photo workshop was wonderful!
We practised in Breitenbrunn am Neusiedlersee, in a romantic "Kellergasse",
a street with traditional wine cellars.



Unique angles



Portrait format or horizontal format?


Exposure time and apertures

And, beside all the useful technical information:

We spent a very nice day, enjoyed our hobby, and made some very nice new friends!


Donna said...

You have some lovely compositions there! Glad that you are learning and having a great time! Isn't photography a wonderful hobby? And your countryside is so beautiful there - a picture around every corner!

Deb said...

great photos...looks like a fun day

ayamlin said...

Hi maria!
I like every picture!
I like taking pictures, too.
pictures are different depends on people even if the scenery is the same.
anyway there are lots of beautiful scenery in your city, I'm jealous of you!

Maria said...

Hi Maria!
The snowdrop flowers are sweet, I don't think I've ever seen them for real... only in photos!
How wonderful to spend time learning about photography. Blogging has increased my joy of taking photos... When I get a good one it's like a miracle to me ;o)
*Have a sweet Sunday*

Arija said...

Your photo workshop shots are lovely, but I cannot o beyond the wonder and promise of the snowdrops.

Lara Neusiedler said...

wonderful location to practice! not so far away from where I live - actually we have relatives there :))

jeannette stgermain said...

lovely pics, Maria. Glad you had an enjoyable day together!

Wienermädel + Co said...

Sehr gut gemacht, da habt ihr unsere Lieblingsgegend auf's Korn genommen! Die Sehnsucht nach Wärme und Blüten haben wir auch schon, deine Schneeglöckchen sind ein kleiner Vorgeschmack.

Liebe Grüsse

Xavi said...

I love Galanthus nivalis!!, Maria.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Have a nice sunday.

Gunilla said...

It looks like a nice day, great photos . Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice week


msdewberry said...

Snowdrops are a good sign that spring is just around the corner.
I like all your other shots as well. Looks like you had a great day out!!

Marina said...

Waw! Awesome photos!
How right you were Maria when you wrote me the christmas card wishing patience for my country to overcome the economic crisis we're facing!!! Things are getting difficult more and more, day by day! I'm so disappointed of the politicians! We suffer because of their bad governance and stealing !

Denise said...

A great way to spend your time, learning that is also fun. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos with us Maria. Have a great week.

Carver said...

I love snowdrops so glad you included them. Love your shots of the interesting town and houses. Looks like a wonderful place to spend time and photograph.

Regina said...

Beautiful scenes and lovely white bloom!
Thank you for sharing Maria.

Have a wonderful week.


Ebie said...

Maybe I have seen snowdrops, but they look so pure and delicate.

Glad you are enjoying your photo workshop. Your photos are lovely and very scenic!

Have fun!

antigoni said...

Amazing photos!!!
You managed two great things: Have a good time and make new friends.
Very important things in life!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Maria: Snowdrops, how cool. We are having a header contest on them tomorrow. Neat shots from the photo workshop.

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog also facebook:)
I'm so happy to read your sweet words.
I already said it and I wanna see you in person and I'm sure we see each other someday.
by the way about " Kirschbluten - Hanami ", I don't know the movie.
So I checked it on the website and oh, that's too bad we can't see it in Japan....
hanami means enjoying seeing cherry blossoms.
I go to see cherry blossoms every year with my family.
but I don't know we look forward to seeing cherry blossoms or having good food and
alcohol?! ahaha!
yeah, we enjoy both of them.
Every food is very delish when we can see beautiful cherry blossoms:)
Can you drink alcohol outside in your country?
I heard people can't drink outside in some other countries.

Grace and Bradley said...

Indeed, snowdrops are usually the first flower to bloom. It seems you did have a very good time with your photo workshop.

Lady Di Tn said...

That must be one of the best workshops to get to practice taking photos. I love the new header but miss Dora sweet face peeking down at me. The angles and the horizonal ones grabbed me the most. Peace

Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tom said...

Hi Maria

Sorry but I had to reject my first comment... very bad spelling mistake.. ha!

Love the title of this blog... I have called by as Fishing Guy told me about your header....
Thankyou for joining in with us this week.... love your header it certainly ticks all the boxes.

I like these Wine Houses... what a great place to visit and try out your camera.... I was thinking of joining some kind of club... but can not commit to a course at the moment...

All the very best and once again thank you for your time.

Wiggers World

Johnny Nutcase said...

how fun! you got some really beautiful photos! Sounds like a great day! i love the different angles on the houses, and it must have been great to try out different cameras/lenses? Awesome!