Sunday, 6 December 2009

Camera Critters - Winter Guests

Sibirische Saatkrähen
100.000 rooks from Siberia spend their winter time in Vienna. During the day, the black crows populate the parks, and in the evening, they fly to their roosts in the Schlosspark Schönbrunn.
Some of them have become permanent residents!


eileeninmd said...

100,000 now that is a lot of birds. Cool shots of your critters.

Lady Di Tn said...

Well is a rook a crow? Like the photo shots but not the population odds. Peace

Lara said...

wirklich?! sie brauchen kein Visum :))

Maria said...

Hi Maria!
I love little birds...
Here the dark-eyed juncos come for the winter. I love their round white bellies. They start to leave at the first sign of warm weather.

Blessings to you~ Maria