Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Viennese Sunset at the New Danube

A Viennese sunset at Neue Donau, under Reichsbrücke at Underground Station U1,
5 minutes from the centre of the city (where I live).

I went swimming after work this evening, cooling down, relaxing, enjoying the sunset,


I do love Vienna!
With all my heart!

Have a nice weekend, my dear friends!


Romicas said...

Dear Maria
I also love Vienne and I'm sorry I couldn't see as much as I wished. Maybe I'll be back one day.

Donna said...

If my silly knee ever gets well, my hubby and I would love to take one of those riverboat cruises and see Vienna - and you too, of course!

Janie said...

That must be a beautiful city, where you can swim in the evening with a view of such a lovely sunset.
Beautiful photos!

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria
You're really lucky to live in such a beautiful city.
I'm sure I visit your city someday.

by the way thank you for your long message! I really enjoyed reading it. I wanna talk with you more.
now it's in the middle of the night in Tokyo.
I'll be back tomorrow to talk with you:)
Have a good night!

Vodka Mom said...

marie- I love these!!

Arija said...

How very beautiful to go swimming in such a sunset.
Vienna really has a great deal of beauty to offer. The city itself, the surrounding country and the lifestyle, what a great combination.

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
Can you drink cool beer outside in your country?
We can do it in Japan.
but I heard they can't do it in Canada from my Canadian friend.
We can enjoy drinking while seeing fire worlks in summer and cherry blossoms in spring.
by the way western people can drink more than Japanese people.
when I used to go to the English conversation school, I sometimes went drinking with teachers and students.
Japanese students got drank more easily than teachers.

"Sektfruhstuck" sounds really nice!
I know how you feel! I feel happy when I can drink in the morning or in the afternoon in holidays!

In Japan many earthquakes happen. It's really scary. but also that's why there are lots of
hot spring in Japan:)

Lara said...

Vienna is superb, indeed! And I love spending my some here, too!

Maria said...

Hi Maria!
What a beautifully refreshing evening sunset ... I can feel relaxed just looking at these photos!
Hope you enjoy many more such as these ~ Maria

Dina said...

It's heartwarming to hear people talk who love their place.