Monday, 24 August 2009

A Sense of Autumn

This evening we visited our favourite "Gastgarten" in Stadtpark,
sitting under the sykamore trees, chatting.
On our way home we noticed that autumn is coming soon.

Even the statute symbolizing Autumn,
is smiling wistfully :)

Enjoy the last warm summer evenings!


Naturegirl said...

Pretty photos..when the berries are present there is surely a new season think I spent autumn last year in Europe..sigh!

Janie said...

Autumn seems near in our part of the world, too.
Lovely flowers and berries in your photos, and an enchanting look at autumn's image.

Small City Scenes said...

Yes Autumn is approaching but Summer is still here. It has been real nice lately. The Vine Maple leaves are turning but they always do in August anyway. I do love Autumn though. MB

PS> I had fresh Salmon for dinner. YUM!!

guild-rez said...

Lovely pictures..
Summer is fading quickly and fall will dazzle us with all the beautiful colours and flowers.
It is my favourite time. Time to reflect and go hiking along the lLake.
Liebe Grüsse aus Toronto, Canada.

Denise said...

Many beautiful flowers Maria. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Autumn isn't quite that close here, but I'm patiently waiting!

Very pretty photos!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, we bust savor all these last delicious hot days!

Lady Di Tn said...

The first leaves to fall here in middle TN are always the walnut leaves and yes there has been sprinkles of yellow leaves in the yard lately. Sunday it was 73 degrees which was a nice cool delightful change. Of our four seasons, Summer makes me least likely to cry when it goes. Peace

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
In Tokyo I'm feeling that autumn is coming soon, too.
it's cool in the morning also at night.
it's easy to live.
but I'm feeling lonely!

Tulip said...

wonderful post of beautiful flowers.

my entry

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
How've you been?
by the way Marina got well and started working.
Antigoni told me:)